45 Jaar OOR: de beste single volgens Ajay Saggar

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‘A lone male voice breaks through the crackle, counting in the song in a hushed whisper. The ghost of Syd Barrett seems to have entered the soul of this young singer, as he humbly beseeches the person he is addressing: ‘And I would genuflect myself, if you’ll give me some of your divine help’. A cry for help or a romantic gesture? A Byronic hero who puts into words what we can only dream about. The gentle lilting Byrdsian guitar, are given a firm foil with a dubby bass and gentle laid back Ringo drum pattern / Abbey Road sound. Total beauty encapsulated within 6 minutes. The song is an absolute masterpiece and the genius behind it is Phil Murphy. A lyrical giant who threaded his personal physical and mental demons into this mantra for help, that resulted in a song of unparalleled beauty. On hearing the song, one’s only wish is to reach into the speakers and drag him out, and hold him, and assuage his pain. The vocal melody line is to die for, at one point unfeasibly sad, and then later defiant and hopeful. The sign of a great song is to be able to carry you on a wondrous emotional journey. This song was recorded on a Tascam 4 track with nice EQs. The band hired in a specialist spring reverb unit and a digital delay which are heavily used on this song, and absolutely lift it to another level. King Tubby meets Brian Wilson at the Lonely Hearts Club. It was done in a non stop 48 hour ‘speed’ enhanced marathon. Not to be out of it, but just so that they could get as much done as possible whilst they had the hire of the reverb and delay units. Phil Murphy’s chronic physical and mental health problems meant that his output was limited and touring was never really an option. He does continue to make music which he occasionally puts online. The single didn’t sell very well and there are probably still copies floating around on Discogs, or lying under the bed of the label boss. But its one of the greatest pop songs ever written and one to which I return to often to lift me to a higher place. I suggest that you listen to it too.’

King Champion Sound is eind februari te zien in Utrecht, Rotterdam en Amsterdam. Kijk hier voor alle informatie over de tournee. 

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